**This was stolen from another site as an example***  Located at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center in the heart of Burbank, Ever Wood Stables is a convenient, centralized stable with easy access to multiple show grounds, as well as trails and the covered “Equidome” for the rainy season. We pride ourselves on being a full-care, quality A-rated show barn who accept and encourage all ages and levels of riders.  We participate in over 30 horse shows a year, ranging from the local Gold Coast shows held right here on the grounds to Thermal, the Oaks, and last year even the USEF Pony Finals.

As a full training show barn, we offer the highest level of quality care. Client horses are treated as our own with a watchful eye, excellent care, personalized exercise and training programs, and, of course, deep love and affection.



Los Angeles Equestrian Center